sigma interactive 3d application by igaming studio

Interactive 3D
for Sigma

Summit of iGaming Malta asked for our help with vehicle wrap designs. We delivered the final artworks with a technology showcase in the form of an interactive 3D desktop application for Windows and Mac platforms.




Vehicle Wrap Design, ​Interactive 3D, ​UI / UX Design, ​App Development



The designs include both bold and elegant options for the vehicle wrapping. Four versions were made for black and white cars.

sigma 3d car race styled decal
sigma 3d car elegant look

The application is easy to use and has a detailed help page that explains the UI, how to change between vehicle wraps and how to navigate the camera around the car.

3d application splash screen for sigma by igaming studio
interactive 3d app game help view by igaming studio

Using the same technology as many of the AAA video games of today and tomorrow, this application is a sneak peek into the future of product visualization.

sigma 3d car with colorful vehicle wrapping