race casino design by igaming studio cover image f1 driver

Race Casino
for L&L Europe

From branding to front-end, we delivered a blazing fast casino to L&L Europe, so they can outrun their competitors on the Pay N Play market. We also boosted Race Casino with UX features that are brand new in the iGaming industry.


L&L Europe


Branding, ​3D Illustration, ​Web / UX Design, ​Front‑end



race casino logo full length


Race Casino was in need of a powerful and memorable symbol to represent the super fast casino.
A modern branding that stands out.

race casino logo R icon pictogram

The key visuals had to represent high speed. F1 racing was a good choice to visualize it with style. A Race Casino branded F1 driver, F1 helmet and F1 car was delivered to set the mood.

race casino helmet 3d
race casino f1 car 3d
race casino f1 car and driver 3d illustration

Race Casino’s web design focuses on minimalism and user friendliness. A prefilled amount field made the deposit process one step shorter, and with a 0.14s uncached page load time, Race Casino is definitely one of the fastest casinos on the market. Check out the dev demo (home page and games page only).

race casino ux and frontend features icons
race casino desktop view of games page
race casino mobile view of landing page