All British Casino

All British Casino is a well established brand that was ready for a fresh look. Our approach was to make it more playful and also keeping its british feel. We designed the new logo and website.


L&L Europe


Branding, ​3D Illustration, ​Web / UX Design, ​Front‑end




The new logo of All British Casino is interactive, when you scroll it spins, just like a roulette wheel. The typography was also designed to be more playful.

Rebranding a popular website like All British Casino requires a thoughtful balance. The look has to be new but familiar at the same time, extra features seamlessly blending in.

The new site also has optional dark mode, quick access to account pages after logging in, and other new features aimed to further increase user engagement.

The new key visual of All British Casino is based on the classic look the casino had before, setting the mood for returning players.